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ULTIMA 618 METS G-sensor Pedometer 
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Model: UT-618
METS G Sensor Pedometer

The ULTIMA 618 is the pedometer of choice for walkers/joggers who want more individulaized and detailed feedback on their daily exercise. Its system is preset at 3 and its 7-day memory lets you review a week's worth of data including total steps, calories consumed, distance travelled, time spent active and time spent in your METS zone. And its advanced G-sensor technology lets you wear the Ultima 618 around your neck, in a pocket or in a bag while still providing outstanding accuracy.

※ How the METS works :

The activity consumption calorie, the effect calorie burn will need more exercise strength MET is a index to the exercise strength. More MET value more strength

1 MET = 1 KCAL / (Kg x hour)

For example: one man weight is 70 Kg walks at 3.5 METS constantly, and keep walking 1 hour, then the calorie burn 3.5(METS)*70(Kg)*1(Hour) = 245 KCAL, So more higher METS more calorie burning at fixed exercise time.
For effect exercise effort to burn calorie, the METS need to over 3 When METS is over 3 , the METS time will counting, if METS is below 3 then time stop.
The METS time indicate how long the effective calorie is burned.


1. Step: This Million step pedometer can record up to 999,999 steps.
2. Distance Counter: This pedometer displays the number of km (or miles if set to imperial units) based on steps accumulated and can record up to 999,999 km/mile.
3. Calorie:This pedometer calculates calories burned based on your weight and the intensity of your activity.
4. Exercise Time: This pedometer counts the time (hours, minutes and seconds) you were active. Time only accumulates when steps are re-corded.
5. METS: In this mode, the upper row shows the exercise time of the METS threshold, the bottom left corner the clock and the lower right corner the value of the current METS.
6. Clock : 12/24-hour clock
7. Speed (including Step/M and KM/h): displays current steps/minute or km/h-miles/h
8. 7-days memory: this device will store all your exercise data for 7 days so you can review each day or see your weekly totals.
9. LCD automatically powers-off when no input is sensed within one minute to save battery life.

(L)78*(W)33*(T)13 mm

Each in giftbox, 100pcs/Ctn
G.W.:12.0kgs, M.M.:1.75cft.

***Customer colors are available with a minimum order 3000 units. Comes with lanyard.
< ***UT-618 has a preset METS threshold of 3.

UT-618 come in black, red, or green. Customer colors are available with a minumum order of 3000 units.
Comes with lanyard.

Safety/Quality Approvals:

CE/ISO 9001/ISO 14001
Model No. : UT-618 Unit : PC
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